About us

What do we do?

we work with our students, partners and teachers to keep winning with integrity.





COREnglish is an Online English Academy and an English Teaching Talent Acquisition Agency that focuses on providing high-end services to its customers and employees, combining educational tech and efficiency to deliver its 120%.

It started in 2016 as a very small start-up inspiring to only offer online teaching services to students in Latin America. With its ambitions and aspirations it came the necessity to offer its teachers better opportunities and employment growth and it became an English Teaching Talent Acquisition Agency, firmly in 2018, working with big name Education companies in Asia, Where it continues to grow and still inspire to offer better services and better experiences to its students, teachers and clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to evolve the way we learn English by making it practical, convenient, effective and easy by leaving behind the traditional learning methods and adapting technology and new learning methods. This allows our platform and service to become functional and high-end.


We truly care for all of our students and teachers, we believe that, by creating opportunities and by broadening our horizons we will be able to help them succeed and accomplish their short term or long term goals. We are convinced that by staying true to these commitments, we create value for all. This is what #wearecorenglish is about.

Key Factors that make us unique

Committed to innovation
We are 120% committed to constant innovation within our curriculum, hiring processes and or general administration

Passion for what we do
We put in not only hard work but we put in our hearts into what we do, so we can deliver up to expectations

love for education
we have a clear vision of the lack of quality education in underdeveloped countries, therefore we can deliver them with quality online education at affordable prices maintaining our teacher quality 

 Our Priorities

Engage and develop our people

Our priority is to engage and develop our students and teachers so they can grow, learn and expand. our success is due to them. 

Teach our way to a better world

We believe that teachers are underrated all over the world but that won’t stop us from keeping our primary goal in mind, which is teach to improve peoples lifestyles and to improve their opportunities no matter where they are. 

Expand opportunities 
Either if it is to our students or for our teachers, we want to expand their opportunities to grow within the company or within the competitive job market

Our Values

Build connections
We build real human connections and break down international language barriers, we believe great moments of great experiences are best in life. 

Build strength
students, teachers and clients are at the heart of our company. We see strength in diversity, trust and progress.

Passion for quality
our passion for quality is what truly makes us different, we are not only passionate about delivering our services but we are also passionate about helping our students and teachers


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